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How Can I Make Better Decisions on the Farm?

Top 10 Ag Lessons of a Lifetime: Making Decisions

Experience is great teacher on the farm.  However, watching others learn from their experience is an even better.

Are You in the Hot Seat?

As farm leaders, we are often put in the hot seat when it comes to making farm decisions. … Read more

How to Be the Best Terrible, No Good, Arrogant Farm Leader








People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. John Maxwell

I believe farm leaders have the choice everyday to become better or bitter. Understanding my personal failures and leadership flaws was the beginning of my growth on the farm.

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3 Lies About Farm Management versus Ag Leadership You Need to Know

Ag Management versus Ag Leadership


“It’s all about farm management.”

Or maybe you have heard, “It’s all about good farm leadership.”

No, both are wrong.

“Both And” Farm Solutions Versus “Either Or” Farm Solutions

I have been confused for years over this subject for years.… Read more