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Pain in the Butt Problems on the Farm: Part 1

Is this your Monday morning?

Do you ever hear this on Monday morning?

“I think PEDV is back…”

“We had 60 aborts last week…”

“The feed truck was rolled …”

“We had a little accident over the weekend…”

“We got a problem…”

I could go on and on… but I will stop there.… Read more

The Nobility of Farming

The Nobility of Farming

What is nobility?

It is decency. It is dignity. It is goodness. (I am not referring to aristocrats.)

Is that a weird word for farming? Maybe…maybe not.

Hold on.

I usually think of other noble jobs, careers and industries first.  I think about people like missionaries, social workers, teachers and other “good” jobs.… Read more

What if the farmers of the world…

What if the farmers of the world...

“What if” questions are dangerous. They can inspire. They can expose weakness. Most people avoid such questions. Some ask them, but never answer them. I bet you ask these questions all the time.

A Dangerous Question for Farm Leaders

What if you stood up for what’s right more often on the farm than when it’s convenient?… Read more