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How To Create Win-Win Farm Negotiations

Win-Win farm negotiations are never easy.

Win-Win Farm Negotiations are Never Easy

Do you get uneasy when its time to negotiate for something….anything? On the car lot? A salary? A long term pig contract?

Me too! It’s never easy!

I’ve made many mistakes in farm negotiations. I have failed while negotiating agreements from dealing with a meat packer to negotiating for finishing contract growers.… Read more

Success on the Farm – What Nobody Told You








Nobody told us to discipline our expectations.

A message meant for me. It’s relevant on my farm. It’s real. Maybe, this message is for you and your farm as well.

 We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.  

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STOP Running the Farm Without This Tool!

Farm tools


Hand tools on the farm can be used for almost anything, right? Have you ever used a screwdriver as hammer, or even a banner as a screwdriver? It’s a bad idea, and I’m guilty!

Good farm tools are mandatory for any and every farm to be productive.… Read more