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Farm Budgeting for the Down Right Cheap Farm Manager

Do you like farm budgeting?

Farm Budgeting for Hog Farmers

You are probably in one of the following categories:

1. Frugal

2. Down Right Cheap

3. Only the Best Stuff will do

4. Somewhere in the middle

In my history of hog farming, I have been in each category.… Read more

Farm Raises, Incentives, Bonus and Show Me the Money Ideas for Farm Compensation

Farm compensation can be fun, but be careful.

“Farm compensation is so fun and easy!”

No way. But it could be fun and easy, if done properly.

I’m not going to lie, farm compensation is a tough and sensitive issue. If it is not, it’s probably because no one ever gets a raise, there is terrible communication or the farm is so bad there is no room for extra compensation.… Read more

The Farm Manager’s Guide to Hiring Rock Star Farm Employees

The Farm Manager's Guide to Hiring Rock Star Farm Employees

Heartburn. Maybe heart attack. Complaining to your wife or husband every night.

Bad Farm Employees

This will cause it every time after a hard day’s work managing a farm. You know what I’m talking about – people. That is bad farm employees.… Read more