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Are You A W A R E on the Farm?

Is awareness important to you?

Have you ever seen someone run a red light?

Ignorance is not bliss. Jim Rohn

You know what I mean.  Being aware of potential problems is key for ag leaders. It separates the amateurs from the professionals. Some problems can and will sink your farm if you are not aware of them.… Read more

How To Avoid Tornado Destruction and Daily Heartburn on the Farm










Do nothing.

Build nothing.

Avoid making anybody angry.

Carry TUMS in your pocket.

Avoid all conflict on the farm.

Commit to nothing.

Take no action.

Avoid responsibility.

Keep TUMS in glove box for backup

Tornado on the Farm This Week

On Monday night one of our leased finishing farms was completely destroyed by an EF3 tornado, with the exception of the concrete.… Read more

The Most Feared 6 Words on the Farm

Is this your Monday morning?

Do you ever hear this on Monday morning?

“I think we have a problem…”

“I got good news and some bad news…”

“We are 50% over budget…”

“We had a little accident over the weekend…”

“We got a BIG problem right now…”

I could go on and on… but I will stop there.… Read more