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Confusion to Clarity on the Farm: 4 Strategies to Breakthroughs!


Clarity on the farm


Clarity is Simple in Theory on the Farm

Clarity is simple in theory, but complex in reality. Making money by farming seems easy in theory, hard in practice. But what does clarity mean? According to Merriam Webster, clarity is defined as the quality of being easily understood.… Read more

Fried Crawfish, Odors and Gloom from the 2015 Pork Management Conference










I recently attended the 2015 Pork Management Conference in New Orleans. I chose to go for the people and the ‘hallway‘ discussions. This year, they were awesome!  In the past, I found limited value in the content of the gathering in regard to being a pig farmer and leader. … Read more

Farm Leadership: It’s All About Me

Farm Leadership Begins with Me


Leadership on the Farm

It’s All About “Me”

My view of farm leadership is “Leadership is all about me”. To most that will sound rather selfish…… but is it?

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying ‘when pigs fly’. The pig is annoyed and you are frustrated.… Read more