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Is Rest Holding You Back from Higher Productivity on the Farm?

Rest in Farming Leads to Higher Productivity


Rest and farming usually don’t go together. They seem like oil and water. But should it be that way?

Recently, things around our farm have been getting more and more stressful.  You too? As our performance improves the stress of maintaining that higher performance grows.… Read more

4 Ways to Overcome Farm Leadership Gaps

Farm leadership gaps lead to failure.


What is a farm leadership gap? It is a missing link in your leadership abilities.  In other words, areas in which you ‘stink’.

Your gap could be:

  • Issues with people
  • Follow up
  • Encouraging others
  • Confrontation
  • Farm Planning
  • Mechanical Skills
  • Hedging
  • Accounting (that which makes me nauseous!)

Let’s face it, most of us ‘stink’ at something.… Read more

Why Aren’t You Getting Paid Enough on the Farm?











Do you get paid too much, too little or just about right on the farm? Taking a wild guess, I’m sure most would say they get paid too little on the farm.… Read more