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Where is Your Farm Focus: Circles, Dead Ends or Victory?

Farm focus is vital!

Farm Focus: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

I recently attended a workshop by Darren Hardy on productivity. Let me share with you some basic information ($1,000+ worth) that will help you stay super-productive and focused.   According to the publisher of Success Magazine, successful people do less, focus on fewer things, and then master those few things.… Read more

5 Ways to STOP Animal Abuse


People abuse….

Animal abuse…

Abuse is abuse….and I hate ALL abuse!


Animal Abuse Starts with Us

The prevention of animal abuse prevention must start with each of us. It starts by taking responsibility for animal care. It starts with all of us being aware of exactly what animal abuse is.  

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Why the Myth of the Silver Bullet Never Leads to Ag Excellence?


The Miracle Pig Product of the Year is ….

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