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Are You Lost in the “Farm Lingo”?

Farm Lingo?










I grew up on a family diversified livestock/crop farm in southeast Iowa before moving to southwest Kansas many years ago to take an entry role at what was then known as DeKalb Swine Breeders. … Read more

Don’t be Boss Hog! Be an Ag Leader by Asking 3 Simple Questions



Who’s the “Boss Hog” on your hog farm?

Other names for the “Boss”:
Top Dog
Head Honcho
The Big Cheese
Fill in the blank __________


Bosses Lead to Losses

You know him or her. They rule the farm with an iron fist. … Read more

Things Never Change on the Farm! You Do.














The next big thing on the farm is NOT:

– a bigger tractor, faster growing pigs, 500 bushel per acre corn genetics, 10X technology, disease free livestock, the ultimate farm-fix in a bottle, etc…

“Things do not change; we change.”
― Henry David Thoreau

It starts here. … Read more