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5 Bad Work Habits that are Robbing Your Potential

  5 Bad Work Habits
My Dog’s Bad Habits: begging, whining, leaves hair everywhere… and lots more begging.

I don’t know your farm or who your boss is.  I don’t know your specific situation.  But I know you have dreams, ideas, and potential on your farm.… Read more

The 5 Questions that Lead to Effective Farm Training

Training in the classroom

Everyone loves training. Right?

One size fits all.  Right? Wrong! Just like boots on the farm.  I wear a 10. You too? (Probably not.) Well, this past week I found out something.  I don’t know much about training. Sometimes I wonder if I am training others or just myself?… Read more

Feel Like a Fool: Welcome to Ag Leadership











I know. I know.
Fool is such a harsh word. But it is so true. I think it is especially true in agriculture. (Maybe just for me)

Welcome to Ag Leadership

Here is what I mean by fool:
1.) I realize how little I know.… Read more